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The zone and subzone parameters are used to specify the names of in-game areas where an objective must be completed.

Value type[edit]

  • String - the name of a zone or subzone as it appears in-game

Supported objectives[edit]

This parameter can also be used as a start or complete condition.

Usage notes[edit]

  • Zone and subzone are completely interchangeable - both parameters will look at both your current zone and subzone for a match when evaluating objectives.
  • The zone's name must be spelled and capitalized exactly as it is in-game in order for the objective to progress.
  • Currently, there is no localization implemented in the addon, so players using a client in a different language (where the zone has a different name) will not be able to progress the objective. The initial release of PMQ is targeting English-language clients only, with localization to come later.