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The say objective is triggered whenever you send a message to a chat channel. This objective requires you to send a message that meets a message containing a certain phrase, along with meeting any of the conditions outlined below.


  - say "message*"


Note that this shorthand form is not recommended for real quest objectives, only for quickly testing phrases. Use the long form better quest objectives.

Long form[edit]

  - say:
      message: "my secret message" # Required. Quotes are optional, but recommended.
      language: Dwarvish
      channel: yell
      target: Questborther # A player's name to whisper
      zone: Elwynn Forest
      subzone: Goldshire
      coords: 42.41, 64.47, 0.3
      aura: "Power Word: Fortitude"
      equip: Loose Chain Mail
      item: Light Leather
      text: "Custom display text"

Supported parameters[edit]


Secret messages[edit]

You will likely want to change the default display text of the objective so that it doesn't reveal the exact text that the player should speak in order to progress. Consider the following example:

  - say:
      text: "Speak, friend, and enter."
      message: "mellon"
      channel: [ say, yell ]
      zone: Moria
      subzone: Doors of Durin
      coords: 38.7, 42.5, 0.1

In this hypothetical example, the player would need to /say or /yell a message with the phrase "mellon", while standing in front of the Doors of Durin, in order to progress the quest objective. However, the quest log would simply read the riddle: "Speak, friend, and enter."

Note that this will print the same text to the quest log, quest info frame, and quest progress message (the yellow text that pops up when you progress). See the Display text page for details on how to configure these individually.

Here's another take on this old classic:

  - say:
      text: "Speak, friend, and enter."
      message: "^friend$"
      language: Dwarvish
      channel: [ say, yell ]

In this example, the player would need to /say or /yell exactly the word "friend" (see the) while speaking in the Dwarvish language in-game. Saying "friend" in Common or any other language would not complete the objective.